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Follow the structured curriculum for maximum success with your Inside Flow Fundamentals Teacher Training

Chapter 1

Introduction (3 lessons)

Chapter 2

Flow 1 "Higher I Will Go" (5 lessons)

Chapter 3

Music (4 lessons)

Chapter 4

Flow 2 "Contagious" (6 lessons)

Chapter 5

Fundamentals (3 lessons)

Chapter 6

Flow 3 "Fearless" (6 lessons)

Chapter 7

How to Teach (6 lessons)

Chapter 8

Flow 4 "No Thank You" (6 lessons)

Chapter 9

How to Create an Inside Flow (6 lessons)

Chapter 10

Flow 5 "Man on a Mission" (7 lessons)

Chapter 11

Start Your Career (5 lessons)

Chapter 12

Exam Preparation (2 Lessons)

Chapter 13

Extras (5 lessons)

Live Sessions

Interactive online live classes via Zoom

Oct 5

Kick-off + Getting to know the group

Online Meeting with Zoom (English), 60-90 Min.


Exam Preparation + Q&A

Online Meeting with Zoom (English), 90 Min.

Beginning of November

Ceremony + Community Flow + Q&A

Online Meeting with Zoom (English), 60-90 Min.

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What to expect

Watch the video and learn what the course has in store for you.

“Inside Flow has really changed my zest, my passion, my excitement to show up in the yoga room and to show my clients this new type of yoga.”

“Sequence to music, embracing the music with new transitions. It’s been a very positive thing for my teaching as well as my practicing while going through the course. I enjoyed practicing it on my mat as well as learning to teach it…

My clients have had a wonderful time finding their breath in a new way, learning to open their heart when the song is opening and close their heart when the song is coming down and when the song ends. At the end of class, I find that there’s a huge smile, huge lightness in the room. They’ve had fun, they’ve been challenged, they’ve found just new ways of moving on their yoga mat.”

“Inside Flow is something magical to me. It allows me to express myself, to connect and reconnect to my heart. So I invite you to listen to that voice that makes your heart speak.”

“One of my very first yoga classes was actually Inside Flow: Since that moment I felt a new connection between my body and my inner self. By the time I became a yoga teacher, I felt ready to start deepening my practice and knowledge about Inside Flow. It really was an amazing experience – I had the chance to meet the founder and the well-known teachers during the online classes. If you want to start your Inside Flow career, then this course is well rounded, structured and complete. And most importantly you will have lifetime access.”

Your instructor

Young Ho Kim

Young Ho Kim, born in South Korea, came to Germany as a teenager. After an impressive career in martial arts, he discovered a love for yoga and tried out various yoga styles with experienced teachers. But he always had the feeling that he didn't really belong anywhere. After many years of learning and trial and error, he came to the conclusion that he wanted to combine his accumulated knowledge into his very own style of yoga.

In the meantime, Young Ho has built up one of the largest and best-known yoga studios and one of the most recognized yoga training centers in Germany: Inside Yoga in Frankfurt. His undogmatic and scientific approach to yoga coupled with the clarity and simplicity of Zen Buddhism and his down-to-earth manner inspires and excites numerous yogis and yoginis in Europe and Asia. Young Ho is an advocate of evolution and always looking for improvement and further development.

The entire course content

Over the course of several lessons, you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know for a successful career as an Inside Flow Teacher.

In this chapter you will get an insight into the Inside Flow world. We will introduce you to the course and highlight the steps you will have to take and what you can expect during the training.

You will also get an introduction to the history of Inside Flow. This is not only exciting to listen to, but will also help you tell your own story in the future and ignite others for your enthusiasm.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • What to expect
  • Introduction
  • Story of Inside Flow

In this chapter you will learn to move through your first Inside Flow as Ami Norton will guide you to outgrow yourself. You will thoroughly take time to build up the sequence and learn how to break down the details. Learn how Ami personally relates to the song and how she tells her story before flowing together to the full length of the song three times.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Warm-Up
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment Breakdown
  • Storytelling
  • 3x Flow
  • Song

Music is essential for Inside Flow – but why? In this chapter you will learn why music plays such an important role in Inside Flow and what effects it also has on your body, mind, breathing and emotions. We will teach you how to use music and which music is suitable. Finally, we will practice counting the beats together so that in the future you will always practice and teach to the beat.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Why music in Inside Flow?
  • How to use music
  • What kind of music
  • Exercise: Count the beats

Now it’s time, the first flow with our founder Young Ho Kim. The flow has a lot of emotion and deep meaning. Feel how you can surrender more and more to the music and the movement.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Warm-Up
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment Breakdown
  • Storytelling
  • 3x Flow
  • Song

This chapter is all about the basic principles of Inside Flow, which are essential for both your practice and your teaching.

Balancing breathing, movement and alignment is not easy at first. That’s why we practice this together, so that you become more and more confident in your movement.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • The Principles of Inside Flow
  • Vinyasa Alignment
  • Exercise: Breathing and Alignment

In this chapter you will learn your second Inside Flow created by Alexey. Follow Alexey explaining the key poses like Power Lunge and the One-Legged Jump in the detailed breakdown of the flow after you have learned the build up of the sequence.

You will hear Alexey’s story with his background in martial arts and what he learned on the way. Finally, integrate in the final lesson moving three times through the song together.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Warm-Up
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment Breakdown
  • Storytelling
  • 3x Flow
  • Song

4 Flows are in the box. Now it’s down to the nitty gritty, teaching. It can seem overwhelming, but Ami and Young Ho provide you with all the important tips and structure so you have all the tools you need to teach with structure and in flow.

You’ll learn what structure a class follows, what methods we use to build a sequence, and what it means to motivate a class group. Finally, we will practice correct announcements together.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Structure of an Inside Flow class
  • Looping
  • Add-on
  • Cutting
  • Teaching is about shifting energy
  • Exercise: Cuing together

Now you are ready for the fourth Inside Flow. This time Hie Kim will guide you through a very flowy and powerful sequence. You will notice how you can embody your personal expression in your movement more and more.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Warm-Up
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment Breakdown
  • Storytelling
  • 3x Flow
  • Song

Want to create your own flows? In this chapter we will analyze the structure of the songs from this training and you will learn from the examples of Young Ho, Ami, Alexey and Hie how the flows are structured and what is important when you want to create a flow to a song.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Introduction to Flow Creation
  • Breakdown Flow 1
  • Breakdown Flow 2
  • Breakdown Flow 3
  • Breakdown Flow 4
  • Tips on Flow Creation

You almost made it! Learn your final flow of the training with the master himself – Young Ho Kim. In this flow you have the chance to refine everything that you have learned so far, bring it all together and really challenge yourself. Learn how Young Ho creatively builds up the sequence to then dive in on all the details of the main poses, so that you can really embody them and focus more on flowing to the music once you do the full flow. Finally, listen to Young Ho’s uplifting and empowering storytelling and take the energy into the last three rounds of flow. Have fun and finish strong!

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Warm-Up
  • Sequencing
  • Alignment Breakdown
  • Storytelling
  • 3x Flow
  • Song
  • Breakdown Flow 5

You’ve almost made it. Now, there’s just one more exam to go, so in this chapter, we’ll introduce you to the important steps that are essential for you after graduation. We highlight a few general community rules, discuss what to look for when starting your career, what’s important for your exam, and Young Ho shares a few final thoughts.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • General rules
  • Start your career
  • Your exam
  • Final thoughts

You’ll find this module on TINT in all Academy courses that focus on teaching to the beat of music. Hie Kim practices counting beats with you again and shares his top tips from his experience of grading over 1000 exams in the last few years.

Lektionen in diesem Kapitel:

  • Find and Count the Beats
  • Tips for Vinyasa on Beat

In the training, the Inside Flows are for good reason divided into their individual parts and always include other modules, so that you experience the optimal learning success. However, we are sure that once you have completed the training, you will want to continue practicing the flows, without a break and 100% in the flow. That’s why in this bonus chapter you will find all the flow classes in one piece, without interruption and exactly as you would otherwise experience them in a class in the studio, for example. Have fun flowing.

Lessons in this chapter:

  • Flow 1 – Full Class
  • Flow 2 – Full Class
  • Flow 3 – Full Class
  • Flow 4 – Full Class
  • Flow 5 – Full Class

Independent voices about this course

We already have many successful graduates. See what others have to say about our training content.

“What I love about teaching Inside Flow is you can touch the people’s heart with the music. We speak different languages, come from different cultures but when the music starts, we all synchronize.”

“For my surprise in the TINT Academy, I also found a lot of alignment and therapeutic there. And it really helped me when I teach Inside Flow because Inside Flow is all about the transition. You have to move with the beat, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and with the different gravity from the low and to the high… We move with the breathing into the music. So you can express yourself there. And what I really like is after the students practice Inside Flow, they feel happy. “

“When I found out about Inside Flow and TINT Yoga I realized that it was more than vinyasa. It has its own intelligence within and when the movements are integrated with the lyrics, it felt much more meaningful and it requires your presence to be there at all times.”

“I have always found that music motivated me more in my practice. It helped me to bring the best out of me during my yoga practice. So that’s why I started my Inside Flow yoga journey with TINT Yoga’s Inside Flow Academy. And then I continued with Academy Plus. And the best thing about this training is that you can do it at your own pace and you can always return to the flows if you need to remember the breakdown and the song analysis.”

“My first Inside Flow teacher training was in October 2019. After that, I didn’t understand anything until March 2020. When my country locked down, my studio closed. At that time I saw TINT Yoga has an Inside Flow training and I decided to sign up for that course. Since then I’m crazy about Inside Flow.”

“Being an Inside Flow teacher is amazing and I’m very happy. I have many chances to go to many cities in our country for teaching. I even have a big class with 100 people there and I have a chance to go out of my country for sharing Inside Flow. So in my opinion, the Inside Flow training on TINT Yoga is the very basic course if you want to join Inside Flow journey. So you should have the basic knowledge from that before you want to go deeper.”

“Since training with TINT, I have gained more confidence, knowledge and skills to teach Inside Flow. So when I see my students happy and enjoy the flows that I created, I know this is my calling to do what I love to do.”

“Inside Flow is the real definition of connection between body, mind and soul. It’s not only my physical asanas, but also my personal mentally awakened by the lyrics of the songs, by the tone of the music, and something inside me just explodes. Indeed, all you need this inside.”

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Online Inside Flow Teacher Training - 30 TRC

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Frequently asked questions

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You have access to this course for life. The course and all included materials are accessible at any time and can be completed on your schedule. However, we strongly recommend that you stick to the rough schedule of your training group. It is under these circumstances that we can best support your success.

Yes, as an active TINT member you can apply for an additional 10% discount: You can apply here:

Don’t worry, you can repeat both the theoretical and the practical exam several times. You can repeat the theoretical exam as many times as you want until you are successful.

The practical exam must be submitted by the exam deadline of your training group. You will always receive feedback from our examiners. If you do not pass at the first attempt, you can have 2 more attempts.

You should always prepare well for each exam and take it seriously. After3 retakes we should talk about a coaching session with us to prepare you for the exam. We want you to be successful.

With the Inside Flow certificate you can officially teach Inside Flow. Remember that for active Inside Flow teachers, a licensed registration on is required.

Display your certifications in your studio or on your website. Let others know what you have invested in becoming an exceptional teacher. Your students will trust you even more and enjoy your expertise.

The certificate also comes with 30 Training Credits (TRC) in the Inside Flow System. The more experience you gain, the more benefits and opportunities you’ll have in your career.

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Yes, absolutely. That’s what it’s designed for. Once your training starts you should invest about 1 hour a day to be on schedule with program. The live dates are designed to fit perfectly into your schedule and can be completed while working.

Of course, you can also plan a whole weekend for it and work through all the content in 2-3 days.

Of course. During the registration process you can choose to split the payment in two months à 359 Euro each or in four months à 189 Euro as well.

What is Inside Flow?

This style of yoga harmonizes movement, music and breathing like no other form of yoga.

In Inside Flow, you sing a song with your body. Some relax to punk rock, others prefer classical music. Your taste in music defines you and your practice.

Inside Flow can be anything: from slow to fast, from calm to dynamic, from hip-hop to pop. Inside Flow is the evolution of Vinyasa Yoga!

Flow Sequencing

Intelligent sequencing (order of the asanas) allows you to deepen your breath even more. Your body reflects the emotions of the music, so you can find a deep connection to your feelings.


Vinyasa is Pranayama 2.0. Expansion and contraction of the body support breathing and help you control your breathing during dynamic sequences.


Music is the direct connection to your innermost being. Feel the depth and profundity of each sound. Music is sacred and healing.

Inside Flow connects!

Inside Flow goes deep. It connects. Your movement with your breath. Your heart with your soul. It makes you shine from within. I simply love those graceful movements, the intentions of the song, how all comes together in a beautiful composition. I love to teach it, I love to practice it. I love all of it.

Nicki Vellick, Yoga teacher

Powerful and authentic!

Inside Flow is one of the most powerful and accessible forms of body expression in the Yoga practice today. It provides a space that is structured enough for students to feel confident, and open enough to move authentically and joyfully to the rhythm and groove of the music.

Matt, Yoga teacher

Inside Flow feeds my soul!

Inside Flow is the perfect blend of yoga, movement, and music. It’s combination of structure and fluid sequencing allows me to feel connected to my movement and express my authentic self. Inside Flow and it’s worldwide community feeds my soul!

Rebecca, Yoga teacher

The Inside Flow System

The system consists of different levels, each with different benefits and depending on your inside flow experience. We measure your experience with Training Credits (TRC). Only in this way can we guarantee a high level of quality among the teachers.

Inside Flow is a registered trademark. Teachers who wish to teach Inside Flow are required to register and pay a license fee once a year. The platform provides many benefits for registered teachers.


TINT as official and only online partner

You can complete various levels of the Inside Flow system both online and offline. TINT is the exclusive and official partner for Inside Flow online trainings.