A Yin & Yang Approach to the Hips & Lower Spine

by David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner

A Yin & Yang Approach to the Hips & Lower Spine

David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner

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About the Teacher

Mirjam and David share a combined passion for the tradition of yoga blended with a modern application of philosophy and anatomy. With over 25 years combined experience, they lead trainings and groups through transformational experiences year round. Weaving elements of Vinyasa Yin Yoga, Bhakti and Mindfulness makes each unique class with them a journey of body, mind and spirit that balances inner and outer relationships....

The center of our bodies is the transition between the Earth and Sky. We move with our legs and are supported by the lower spine. This plan is a balanced approach to mobilisation, strength and surrender around the hip join in a series designed for all levels of students.

This plan can be used as a therapeutic approach for lower back pain when practiced with great sensitivity. It can also be viewed as ‘general maintenance’ for the hips and lower back to prevent injuries and stay healthy and open for all of life’s other activities.

All Sessions inside the plan

Session 1 – (Un)Classical Surya Namaskar

17 mins

Session 2 – Open bridge & butterfly

12 mins

Session 3 – Spinal movements & surrender

11 mins

Session 4 – Hip series part I

14 mins

Session 5 – Hip series part II

13 mins

Session 6 – Letting go

15 mins

Session 7 – Standing poses

19 mins

Session 8 – Yang lunges

15 mins

Session 9 – Yin lunges & sweet relief

13 mins

Session 10 – Final Yin

14 mins

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