The Art of Awakening

by Katchie Ananda

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7 Sessions + 1 Bonus

3 hr. Video Playback

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About the Teacher

Katchie is a well-known international Dharma and Yoga teacher with over 25 years of experience as a full-time yoga trainer and teacher. Her multisided background includes certifications in Anusara, Jivamukti and Ashtanga Vinyasa by Richard Freeman. She also gained…

This plan will lead successively through the body and will align things in a proper way in order to let energy flow and to give you a sense of wellbeing. You can repeat the sessions as you wish and they will be absolutely safe for any level. Whether you’ve never done yoga before or your are an experienced yogi. Just give it a go. Your body will feel amazing and at ease because you are not stressing it. You will discover the formula of bliss throughout these sessions and will feel the benefits. Learn how to do internal practices to ignite your inner fire and passion!

All Sessions inside the plan

Session 1 – Finding the present moment

27 min

Session 2 – How to take a stand

31 min

Session 2 – The courageous heart

37 min

Session 4 – Forward bends & hip openers

25 min

Session 5 – Hummingbirds & nectar

17 min

Session 6 – The practice of love & kindness

29 min

Session 7 – Mind like sky

14 min

Session 8 – Bonus session: Wings of the heart

17 min

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