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Essential Training Course of the Bowspring Method

presented by John Friend & Desi Springer


20 Lessons

Detailed lessons on the 10 key areas of the body, common postural exercises, breath practices, and life-enhancing philosophy for students of all levels and ages


Academy Certificate

Guidance with self-assessment quizzes and self-reflective contemplative questions accompanying each video lesson, rewarded with a certificate of completion


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Learn from the founders of Bowspring

This 20-video course is designed to teach all the essential details of the Bowspring method over a 10-week period and beyond. This course is highly recommended for beginning students and is a must for all professional teachers as it definitively presents the essential teachings of the Bowspring method.

Desi Springer and John Friend

The 20-video Essential Training Course of the Bowspring Method will help students of all levels and ages to integrate the Bowspring method into their postures and movements of daily living to move towards lightness of movement, vitality, and freedom from chronic pain.

The course is intended to help each student learn how to effectively practice and integrate the fundamental alignments of the Bowspring method into their own daily functional movements to aid in reducing chronic physical and emotional pain.

Students give Bowspring online trainings an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Lesson Plan of the Essential Training Course of the Bowspring Method

After a 5-min video guide on how to make best use of all video lessons, the training course is divided into 2 chapters.

Workshop Lectures

01 - Introduction to the Bowspring

Desi and John offer an interesting and inspiring overview of the Bowspring method including how it works, benefits to practicing and commonly experienced challenges of the practice, especially for new students.

02 - Philosophy: Natural vs Normal

Summary of the main philosophical ideas that serve as the foundation of the Bowspring practice.

03 - Breathing

The basic instructions for the 3 main types of breathing practice within the Bowspring method are presented: Power Breathing, Turtle Breathing, and Taoist Breathing.

04 - Radiant Heart / Central Channel

Learn to create a circumferential expansion of the ribcage and full lengthening of the central channel for every Bowspring pose.

05 - Wings: Hands

Learn to align the hands to assist in supporting the expansion of the ribcage and the extension of the central channel in every Bowspring pose.

06 - Wings: Arms & Shoulders

Learn to align the arms and shoulders, which assist the expansion of the ribcage and the extension of the central channel in every Bowspring pose.

07 - Roots: Feet

Learn to align the feet which help to give rooting power to the hips and in turn a greater rising extension of the central channel.

08 - Roots: Legs & Hips

Learn to align the legs and hips which help to provide rooting power for the rising extension of the central channel.

09 - Belly & Lower Back

Learn to align the belly and lower back in every Bowspring pose.

10 - Head & Neck

Learn to align the neck and head in every Bowspring pose.

Practices / Katas

11 - Pulsation: Rooting & Rising

Describes the dynamic rooting and rising action of the integrated alignment of the Bowspring in every pose.

12 - Transitions

Describes the alignment details of all the main transitions from one posture to another within the Bowspring method.

13 - Wall

A variety of exercises using the wall to improve the alignment of the Bowspring.

14 - Leg Kata

The Leg Kata is a specific standing pose sequence in which we learn to step mindfully forward, backward, laterally and in a zig-zag movement.

15 - One-Legged Balancings

Presents all of the main one-legged standing balancing poses within the Bowspring method.

16 - Hip-Openers

Presents all the main hip-opening poses within the Bowspring method.

17 - Hoppings

Presents all the main hopping exercises within the Bowspring method.

18 - Backbends

Presents all the main back-bending poses within the Bowspring method.

19 - Twists / Side Spirals

Presents the alignment details of Side Spirals and twists in the Bowspring.

20 - Arm Balancings

Presents all the essential arm balancing poses within the Bowspring method.

Exam & Certificate of Completion

Bowspring TINT Yoga Academy Certificate

In order to encourage learning for the student, each video in the series is accompanied by a few questions to help the student review the newly acquired knowledge of each lesson.

After completing the video series, students will be able to submit their responses to these test questions to receive a certificate of completion from Global Bowspring and TINT Academy.

What you get with your purchase

20 video lessons organized in a 10-week course
How-to video guide
Course overview PDF with detailed guidance
Support from the Bowspring team
Exam questions & contemplative questions
Certificate of completion


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Desi Springer & John Friend

Desi Springer is a co-founder of the Bowspring method, a paradigm-shifting postural system that optimizes mind-body health. Desi often refers to the Bowspring practice as movement medicine, as well as a 21st-century technology for awakening. Over the last 7 years, Desi has taught over 170 Bowspring trainings and workshops in 19 countries. She ran a leading yoga studio in Denver, Colorado with her sister, Micah for 19 years.

Read more about Desi

Desi is also a consultant for Vital Root, a zero-waste vegetarian restaurant in Denver, specializing in SLO–Fast food (Sustainable, Local, Organic food movement). Desi’s passions include gardening, nature, animals, healing through food, and mind-body disciplines. She devotes her life to increasing harmony and health on a global level.

John Friend has taught yoga for 39 years, presenting more than 800 yoga seminars in over 30 countries to tens of thousands of students. He created Anusara yoga in 1997, which is one of the leading modern postural yoga systems in the world. In 2012, John began studying the new alignment ideas of Desi Springer, which were in contradiction to his Anusara alignment principles. John and Desi co-created the Bowspring method in 2013 to help people around the world take their health to a new level using a wavy, balanced, dynamic posture in their daily life.

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Supported by the emerging science in the field of fascia and its role in optimal posture and functional movement, John loves to share his many years of studies of philosophy and mind-body health with independent-thinking students. Currently, John lives in Denver, Colorado and teaches the Bowspring method trainings with Desi Springer worldwide.

Desi Springer and John Friend

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the course, for the life of the course. The course and all included materials are accessible anytime and can be completed on your schedule.

How does it work?

The course content is delivered to you via online streaming videos with downloadable supporting documents. You can access all of the videos and documents here.

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Support from the Bowspring Team

Global Bowspring is committed to helping each student reach their fullest potential on all levels of body, mind, and heart and is available for additional support.

Global Bowspring wishes to share this therapeutic and empowering practice with everyone and is available to provide support as needed. If after viewing and practicing each video you have additional questions, please contact us at

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Essential Training Course of the Bowspring Method

Fundamentals of postural alignment for daily living, breath practices, and life-enhancing philosophy is presented in a detailed and systematized way by Desi Springer and John Friend in over 20 videos



30-Day Money-Back Guarantee