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Incl. Exam & Certificate

14 hours, 30 TRC

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Exam & Certificate

Official Workbook


76 Video Lessons

Detailed lessons packed with extensive information on advanced teaching skills plus 6 brand new flows with sequencing and detailed alignment and flow breakdown. This training is worth 30 TRC.


Academy Certificate

Guidance with assessment quizzes. Passing the final exam will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, the Inside Flow Junior Teacher badge and give you access to exclusive benefits.


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$699 for Lifetime-Access

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Inside Flow Junior Teacher Benefits

The Junior Teacher is the first level in Inside Flow that allows you to teach full-day workshops, unlimited masterclasses, online lessons and much more.


Without time limit
Full Day
Online Classes
e.g. Zoom¹

Demo on stage
On Concerts


Elite Group Access
20% Discount
on summits
15% Discount
on merchandise


This Inside Flow Junior Teacher Training is only accessible for experienced Inside Flow instructors that fulfil the following requirements.

Verified Gold Instructor on

You need to have at least 100 TRCs to become an Inside Flow Gold Instructor. After having collected 200 TRCs and having taught Inside Flow at least for 2 years, you’ll be eligible to apply for the Junior Teacher Training. Your proof of teaching is based on your active teaching license of at least 2 years on

Mentoring by Senior-level teacher or above.

You need an Inside Flow Senior Teacher, Pro Teacher, or Master Teacher as your mentor. This person needs to verify that you’re ready to attend the Junior Teacher Training.





(Training Credits)

Levels & Benefits

The Inside Flow system has different career levels. Each level grants you access to new teaching opportunities and exclusive benefits.

Flow Lover

Free Community Member


Access to community feed
Write messages
Follow teachers
Flow of the month
4 flow music lists

Silver Instructor

20 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach Regular Classes
Teach Master Classes (up to 90 min)
Access to regional groups
Access to all videos and music
Access to brand assets
Visit global summits

Gold Instructor

100 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach regular classes
Teach master classes (up to 120 min)
Teach workshops (up to 3h)
Access to quarterly community call

Junior Teacher

200 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach regular classes
Teach master classes
Teach workshops (full day)
Teach online classes
Access to elite group

Senior Teacher

400 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach & host concerts
Teach 3-day multi-day training
Teach at summit
Free summit ticket

Pro Teacher

800 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach 7-day multi-day training
Elite group moderator

Master Teacher

1000 TRC


All from previous levels
Teach 14-day multi-day training
Host & organize summit

Lesson Plan

The Junior Teacher Training is divided into 13 chapters including lectures and practices. In addition to teaching methodology and teaching skills, you will also learn and practice 6 brand new Inside Flows and understand the details of alignment and sequencing.


2 Videos

01 – Trailer

02 – What to Expect

I – Flow “She” by Young Ho

6 Videos
03 – Sequencing

04 – Alignment Breakdown

05 – Storytelling

06 – Full Flow

07 – Flow Breakdown

08 – Song – She by Jake Scott

II – Teaching Methodology

6 Videos
09 – The Secrets of a Successful Class

10 – Sequence Analysis – Position

11 – Sequence Analysis -Transition

12 – Sequence Analysis – Connection

13 – Sequence Analysis – Pattern

14 – Sequence Analysis – Block

III – Flow “Ego” by Hie

6 Videos

15 – Sequencing

16 – Alignment Breakdown

17 – Storytelling

18 – Full Flow

19 – Flow Breakdown

20 – Song – Ego by Beccaa

IV – Build-Up Methods

6 Videos

21 – Introduction to Build-Up Methods

22 – Looping Fundamentals

23 – Add-On

24 – Reverse Pyramid

25 – Layering

26 – Drop-In

V – Flow “Cry Out” by Ami

6 Videos

27 – Sequencing

28 – Alignment Breakdown

29 – Storytelling

30 – Full Flow

31 – Flow Breakdown

32 – Song – Cry Out by Kylie Odetta

VI – Cueing

3 Videos

33 – Introduction to Cueing

34 – Verbal Cueing

35 – Non-Verbal Cueing

VII – Flow “This Will Be the Day” by Alexey

6 Videos

36 – Sequencing

37 – Alignment Breakdown

38 – Storytelling

39 – Full Flow

40 – Flow Breakdown

41 – Song – This Will Be the Day by Lady Bri

VIII – Fundamental Teaching Skills

4 Videos

42 – Creating a Playlist

43 – Storytelling

44 – Guidance

45 – Demonstration

IX – Flow “Bleach” by Janine

6 Videos

46 – Sequencing

47 – Alignment Breakdown

48 – Storytelling

49 – Full Flow

50 – Flow Breakdown

51 – Song – Bleach by Hayz

X – Advanced Teaching Skills

7 Videos

52 – Audio Skill

53 – Smart & Elegant Transitions

54 – Fluidity

55 – Smart Sequence

56 – Playing With Complexity

57 – Make Your Highlight Shine

58 – Vinyasa adjustment

XI – Flow “Rage” by Young Ho

6 Videos

59 – Sequencing

60 – Alignment Breakdown

61 – Storytelling

62 – Full Flow

63 – Flow Breakdown

64 – Song – Rage by Johnny Stimson

XII – Become A Junior Teacher

4 Videos

65 – Be Authentic

66 – Personal message to Junior Teachers

67 –

68 – Exam

XIII – Magical Moments

2 Videos

69 – Interview with Hie

70 – Interview with Ami & Janine

XIV – Bonus

6 Videos
71 – Inside Flow “She” by Young Ho

72 – Inside Flow “Ego” by Hie

73 – Inside Flow “Cry Out” by Ami

74 – Inside Flow “This Will Be the Day” by Alexey

75 – Inside Flow “Bleach” by Janine

76 – Inside Flow “Rage” by Young Ho

Are you ready for the next STEP?

Want to become Silver Instructor first?


The Inside Flow Junior Teacher level is the first level that makes you stand out against the growing number of Inside Flow instructors. It’s the first step into the inner circle of Inside Flow teachers.

The Teachers

The training is led by highly experienced teachers who will accompany you on your journey.


Young Ho Kim

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. From an impressive career in Martial Arts, he fell in love with yoga. Trying to find a sense of belonging, he started to blend all of his knowledge and the power of music to create his own style of yoga.


More about this teacher

Pro Teacher

Hie Kim

Hie Kim has been teaching yoga since 2009 and embraces and self-fulfills himself in yoga in every way that he can. His goal is to make the world a little happier, bring authentic yoga to as many people as he can, and make the world a more understanding place.


More about this teacher

Senior Teacher

Ami Norton

Since 2006, yoga has been a big part of Ami’s life. After her teacher training at Inside Yoga, she has gone on to become a full-time yoga teacher and Inside Flow Senior Teacher, giving workshops and teacher training across Germany and beyond.


More about this teacher

Pro Teacher

Alexey Gaevskij

Alexey teaches yoga workshops and teacher trainings in and around Germany and is a successful yoga teacher and personal trainer in Frankfurt. He has experience in Taekwondo, Qi-Gong, and Martial Arts.


More about this teacher

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