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Barbra Noh

Co-founder of ThaiVedic – Experienced Certified Anusara yoga teacher – Creator of Strength & Grace Yoga

Home base: Munich, Germany

Barbra Noh has been a student of movement her whole life. She grew up in a Korean martial arts family, studied ballet in Australia and then moved to Europe to dance professionally in theatres. She is an internationally recognised yoga teacher who loves to share her passion for health, healing and personal growth.

With over 25 years’ experience teaching yoga, she is a leading educator for yoga teachers. Additional to her highly regarded Anusara Yoga teacher trainings she is also co-founder of a healing system that integrates yoga, Ayurveda and bodywork: ThaiVedic.

Barbra began her movement training as a child in Australia and became a professional dancer at the age of 18. Yoga and meditation changed her life, giving her tools to work with her mind, heal her body and nourish her spirit. Now based in Munich, Germany, she travels internationally to offer workshops, lead retreats and present at conferences.

Her classes are physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and emotionally uplifting. Her precise and structured approach to teaching makes complex material accessible and enjoyable to learn. Barbra believes the transformational techniques and teachings of yoga empower and encourage us in our quest to sense our worthiness and live our full potential.

She now calls Bali home while still teaching regularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Korea.

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The Art of Teaching

42 Classes – 7hr 53m


Training Plan – 3hr 58m


Training Plan – 2hr 55m

Happy to Headstand

Single Class – 35m

Support and Surrender - Live

Live Class – 1hr 03m

Strength & Grace

Workshop – 3hr 35m

About Strength and Grace Yoga

A therapeutically beneficial approach to yoga created by Barbra Noh

Strength & Grace Yoga is an integrative approach to creating a therapeutically beneficial and sustainable yoga practice. It features a concise system of simple alignment principles that provide the framework with which to intelligently explore asana and movement.

With all the challenges and excitement that life brings our way, strength is found in stability – the ability to remain steady and maintain integrity in any situation. On the other hand, Grace is expressed in the sensitivity that we bring into the moment so that we may navigate our way within the big flow of life with ease and beauty.

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“If you practise something you will become skilful. If you are dedicated you will make progress. It is my understanding that dedication, passion and a joyful, light-hearted approach are key elements in making progress on our path of expansion into our full potential.”

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