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Physical Therapist, Coach and Yoga Teacher

Home base: D√ľsseldorf, Germany

Elli & Goran Hachmann

Elli was one of the first CrossFit Athletes in Germany and the owner of a CrossFit Affiliate in Hamburg, Germany. She has been working in the field of fitness and health for over 20 years. Her path has taken her from being a Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher, Sports physical therapist of many professional athletes and teams to becoming an athlete herself; starting in CrossFit & Weightlifting and winning the german national champions in the Olympic weightlifting two years in a row (2017 + 2018).

Her husband Goran is a CrossFit athlete and the owner of a CrossFit Box in Dusseldorf, Germany. They have two children together. So they know what it means to have a completely full daily routine where there is apparently no time for sports and healthy nutrition.

Ellis Passion as a coach is to help women to integrate sports and nutrition into their daily lives in a flexible and easy way so that everyone can achieve their personal goals without comprising time with their family.

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“Progress, not perfection. It’s not about getting everything right. It’s about consistent steps in the right direction and growing from your experience.” – Elli Hachmann


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