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| 12.04.2019

Budokon – a Combined Practice of Yoga, Martial Arts and Calisthenics

Budokon yoga is a special yoga style created by renowned yoga teacher Cameron Shayne that helps to improve mobility and to build strength by combining yoga with elements of martial arts, calisthenics and animal locomotion.

What Does Budokon Stand for?

The word Budokon is comprised of the syllables BU meaning warrior, DO meaning way and KON meaning spirit. It is a mixed movement practice and philosophy taught in a belt-ranking system unifying yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, animal locomotion, mobility, calisthenics, and cognitive studies. Established in 2001 by Cameron Shayne, Budokon is composed of six life sciences: movement, intelligence, emotion, relationship, nutrition and environment.

The purpose of the physical part of Budokon is to gain muscular strength, cardiovascular stamina and joint mobility. Thus, being a physically demanding style, it is intended to challenge and destroy the mental constructs you may have about yourself, leading to self-transformation through self-observation. In other words: the physical work strengthens the body, the mental work strengthens the mind.

“Budokon is a way to self-transformation through self-observation.”

– Cameron Shayne

What Are the Principles Behind Budokon?

As Cameron Shayne himself puts it: “All movement is simple. There is no complex movement, only simple things done with such proficiency that it seems we are observing the supernatural.” Of course, there is diversity in movement depending on the environment, variations in human anatomy and individual abilities. However, he considers any deficiency in movement as a lack of creativity. “We are tool makers“, i.e. we create certain objects and build a relationship with them, resulting in different ways of how we move with them, around them or against them. The mixed movements aspect of Budokon shows that all movement is related while at the same time providing opportunities to easily adjust to any environment.

Cameron Shayne, founder of Budokon yoga, together with his wife Melayne Shayne. Photograph by TINT.

Another important aspect of Budokon is animal locomotion, i.e. moving like quadrupeds. Cameron Shayne believes that animal locomotion matters because humans evolved from quadrupeds. Changing the number of limbs used for locomotion can therefore result in a change in anatomy and may help people with spinal irregularities, movement disabilities and can recalibrate the physical architecture. Besides, such integrated movement balances the relationship between the pelvic girdle and the shoulder girdle, creating new neurological pathways and thereby improving the relationship between the right and the left brain. According to Cameron Shayne, Budokon is the first complete codified movement pattern that studies and applies primal movement to help to restore human anatomy.

The Budokon Primary Series

The basis of Budokon yoga is the so-called Primary Series. This is a series of seven harmoniously coordinated poses which is characterized by controlled and fluent movements. The focus is rather on the transition between each of the poses than on holding the poses for a longer period of time. This action requires full mental concentration and awareness. The physical focus is on the development of strength and mobility.

Who Is Budokon for?

Budokon yoga is a practice for movers who seek the highest level of mobility. However, it is not only designed to improve mobility, but also to develop agility, flexibility and strength. It is therefore important to understand that mobility is not flexibility. Mobility is not strength. It rather encapsulates the two.

“Mobility is not flexibility. Mobility is not strength. It rather encapsulates all of the above.”

– Cameron Shayne

In our almost three-hour program “Mobility for Movers“, Cameron Shayne addresses the shoulders, the spine and the hips to help you to become more mobile, create more fluidity, grace and effortlessness. Therefore, it is great for everyone who loves yoga, martial arts, dance, calisthenics and seeks to work on the above aspects.

Improve your mobility with Cameron Shayne on TINT.

If you’re completely new to this style, you may want to start with quadruped locomotion like crawling and climbing in various ways, which you may be able to integrate into your every-day movement. After some time, your body will adapt to this new kind of motion as your limbs, shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle will become stronger.

If we got you hooked, our ten-day transformational program with Cameron Shayne is a perfect perfect opportunity for you to give it a go and to get in the best shape you’ve ever been. This program offers you a combination of Budokon Calisthenics and yoga, including animal locomotion exercises, martial arts and yogic asana practice. It is a mixture of work-outs devoted to strength and stamina and yoga sessions for recovery and stretch.

You can learn more about Budokon on the website of the Budokon University.

Start your 10-Day Budokon Yoga Transformational Program with Cameron Shayne on TINT.

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