Sianna Sherman

Sianna is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher, evocative storyteller and passionate speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is well-respected as a teacher of teachers and her mastery is a combination of contemporary wisdom and knowledge of the traditional. She teaches a multifaceted approach based on integrative consciousness that combines Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Tantra, yoga anatomy, therapeutics, mythology, mantra, meditation, wisdom lineages and the power of the practices for everyday transformation.

Sianna’s background includes a dual degree in biology and nutrition, extensive training as a body worker, several apprenticeships as a wild-crafter of plant medicines, initiation as a priestess in the Celtic tradition and many years as a storyteller. She has a unique ability to touch the human heart through story ritual and devotional practice and inspires students all around the world to practice with intention, commitment and inspiration. Sianna’s teachings are a true convergence of science, mysticism, art and yoga.

Sianna Sherman’s plans


I am super excited to share 4 decades of practice and integration which I have organised with the amazing...

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