About TINT Yoga

What we stand for

TINT stands for “There is no try.” It’s an attitude. Whatever you do, you do with passion and awareness. Without excuse or exception, you want to celebrate your individuality and harness your full potential. We believe the yoga world is ready for the next step in its evolution. Our intention is to turn yoga into a sustainable business shaped by the same professionalism as other industries. This is the only way to ensure yoga maintains a high quality on such a large scale.


Young Ho Kim

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. After a very impressive career as a Martial Artist, he fell in love with yoga and learned from many styles with great teachers but found nowhere he really belonged. After a long study he came to conclusion that he must blend all his knowledge to create a fusion of his own yoga.

Read More Young Ho has since established the biggest and most renowned studio in Germany, Inside Yoga, based in Frankfurt. His non-dogmatic and scientific approach to Yoga blends with clearness and simplicity of Zen Buddhism and his down-to-earth style of teaching has inspired yogis and yoginis all across Europe and Asia. Young Ho truly believes in Evolution and is always seeking for improvement and ongoing education.

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Rüdiger W. Rohner

Founder and Chief Financial Officer

Ruediger is the CFO of the company and its financial mastermind. He left investment banking in 2016, giving himself two years of time to structure and build the company and hire the team of TINT. He is now a director of Morgan Stanley in Germany. He has forged a highly successful career in international investment banking, was a Managing Director for JP Morgan in London and is a CEFA Financial Analyst and CFA Charterholder since 2004.

Read More Prior to that, he held the positions of Team Head and Portfolio Manager at DEKA Investment, in charge of analysis and investment of more than 8bn EUR into High Yield and Investment Grade Companies within mutual and pension funds. After 29 years in the industry, his network within the world of finance is far-reaching and his reputation for selling, evaluating and managing credit risk is outstanding. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the financial sector and wealth of experience, he brings depth, insight and a global reach to the TINT. team. And, of course, a passion for yoga. He was one of Young Ho’s earliest personal training students in 2001. During the last 16 years both developed a deep friendship and entrepreneurial mindset together, sharing passion, focus, drive and core values.

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Mike Brawanski

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike is the CMO of the company and makes sure that the world knows about all the great things around TINT. He develops marketing/product ideas and strategies with the team and our famous yoga teachers. He has 8 years’ experience in sales, marketing and building brands online and offline. He started his entrepreneurial career already in 2014 in the HR industry and co-founded his fintech startup Berries the following year.

Read More Prior to that, Mike worked as a sales consultant for a large insurance company and gained further experience at an international personnel consultancy and in Investment Banking. Mike joined TINT. in 2017 to run marketing and sales for the company using his vast digital experience to skyrocket TINT. to global scale. He graduated Cum Laude in International Business & Finance from Goethe University Frankfurt and the School of Business and Economics, University of Maastricht. Yoga is one of Mike’s personal passions. He got involved into yoga through the yoga studio of Young Ho and is now a 250h certified yoga teacher.

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Alessio Gerbig

Chief Technology Officer

Alessio is the CTO of TINT. and is responsible for all tech and platform related issues. He ensures that the online platform is running smoothly and that every one of TINT.’s beloved customers and users is happy with it. Beforehand Alessio graduated in Marketing & Management from Goethe University Frankfurt and worked for the well-known Fraunhofer Institute for more than four years as a student employee. While studying, he also founded the successful Web- and Marketing Agency WebForU. From there he managed to win over 30 customers and convinced them with his passion and designation in his fields.

Read More In this context he got to know Mike and supported his business Berries with his comprehensive knowledge in tech and marketing related subjects as a consultant. Not just business, but also a true friendship started there. Given that relationship, Alessio followed Mike to join the TINT. team in 2017 and to boost this Start-Up to the next level.

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Ju Hyun Koo

Head of Production

Ju is TINT.´s Head of Production and makes sure that its main product, which is the videos look good and are made of high quality. With experience in video production and animation for almost 18 years he worked for clients such as Nike and Microsoft and was involved in the post-production process of several cinematic movies. For 5 years he worked as a motion graphics and visual effects artist for “Das Werk” - one of europe´s leading networks in creation of moving image content.

Read More Knowing Young Ho since his early days in Germany through their common passion of martial arts he joined the team at the very beginning and he created the name TINT. - which is an acronym for “There Is No Try” (as Master Yoda quoted). Far more than a business partners, Young Ho and Ju consider themselves as brothers.

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Alexander Laios – DJ Release

Head of Music & Audio

Alex is an established music producer who is been working for renowned major labels over the past 25 years, such as Sony Music, Universal, BMG, etc.
As a producer and sound engineer he is widely known under his pseudonym “DJ Release”. He is not only focused on music production and songwriting but also on industrial music engineering, which he could demonstrate many a times for companies like RedBull, Nike or Samsung.

Read More Knowing he would only want to work with the best in their profession when it comes to video and music, Young Ho came to talk to him in 2015. With his given background Young Ho definitely wanted to integrate Alex into his idea of building a yoga online platform.

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