Bowspring Basic Training Course

by Desi Springer & John Friend

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11 Sessions

6 hr. Video Playback

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About the Teacher

In 2013, John Friend joined forces with Desi to help systematise her Bowspring postural method of Sridaiva. He teaches at Vital as well as maintains an international teaching tour with Desi year-round. John has been a student of philosophy, physics and mind-body health for over...

This 11-video course on the Bowspring method, is a comprehensive basic training and introduction to this new alignment system by the co-creators, Desi Springer and John Friend.

The videos present detailed Bowspring alignment for each of the 10 key areas of the body which can be applied to everyday postures like sitting, standing and walking.

Springer & Friend start the video course with the most basic alignments for the Bowspring Elementals using the wall and a chair to make the method accessible to any level of student.

The course also covers therapeutics for each of the 10 key areas, including shoulder injuries, hip pain, and lower back issues.

Experienced Bowspring students will also gain a lot from the specific practices for the Wings (shoulders, arms, and hands) and the Roots (hips, legs, and feet). Also, a couple of the videos are immediate level for a strong, full body-mind practice.

The Bowspring is an ideal template of the body’s dynamic postural alignment which anyone can learn for increased functional movement, agility, and springy power.

The Bowspring method teaches the ABCs of optimal postural alignment for balanced functional movement. From the ABCs, the Elementals forms arise. Geometrically defined postural alignment for hands and feet, arms and legs called Elementals are set forms that are used in every Bowspring pose. In the Bowspring method, all movements like walking, stepping sideways, kneeling, standing up, sitting down, lying down, rolling over, etc. have a set pattern composed of Elemental forms including Bow, Arch / Crescent, Twist. Students learn these base forms and essential movements to build an increasingly complex, challenging, and artistic practice of Bowspring for transformation of mind-body health

The Bowspring system is a postural formula or alignment sequence to optimally balance the 10 key areas of the body. The Bowspring aligns the 3 spheres and the 2 spools of the body (Heart-Hips-Head with Waist/lower back/belly-Neck) in a prescribed sequence and proportional geometric curvature that can apply to any body.

Bowspring is an alignment in which there can be uniform concentric tonus of myofascia on all sides of the body. This balanced engagement of connective tissue generates tremendous agility, lightness, and tensile strength, while extending the central core of the body long as possible. The therapeutic benefits of balanced myofascial tonus apply to muscular-skeletal injuries, neuro-glandular imbalances, and somatic holdings.

All Sessions inside the plan

Session 1 – Introduction to Bowspring

32 mins

Session 2 – Wall Sequence

36 mins

Session 3 – Chair Practice

40 mins

Session 4 – Therapeutics

23 mins

Session 5 – Roots

24 mins

Session 6 – Wings

23 mins

Session 7 – Supine Bow

34 mins

Session 8 – The Lightness of Radiant Heart

35 mins

Session 9 – Root and Rise

32 mins

Session 10 – Basis Katas of the Bowspring

43 mins

Session 11 – Bowspring Flow

35 mins

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