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Complete Bowspring Pack


A pack of 3 amazing plans: Bowspring Basic Training Course, Bowspring Extension I & II

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Build your strength and confidence gradually with this 20 day plan including 13 videos to nail your first BDK handstand

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7 Days of Flexibility

Finlay Wilson

Learn the basics of Forrest Yoga, feel space in body and create awareness in your postural muscles

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Kick start your body in a 10 day transformation with Budokon, a combination of martial arts, yoga & calisthenics

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$ 69

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TINT. helped me immensely to deepen my own yoga practice. Being able to practice with my favourite yoga teachers (such as Young Ho Kim, Matt Giordano and Alex Harfield) whereever and whenever is such a huge benefit to me and makes it way more easy to find a place for my practice within my daily routine.

Eva Padberg (Topmodel)

Being constantly on the road I know how difficult it is to keep up a healthy daily routine. Since I am on TINT. I manage to practice with the best yoga teachers, wherever my job takes me. It is such a liberating feeling to know how to help and heal your body through yoga. TINT. has amazing plans which help me release tension within my body and mind.


I can only recommend TINT. to everyone most warmly. It is the perfect platform to practice with international yoga teachers, to get inspired and to challenge oneself. No matter what your preferences are you surely going to find a suitable plan!

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