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Our Instructors

Barbra Noh

Founder of Strength and Grace Yoga

Young Ho Kim

Founder of Inside Flow and Inside Yoga

Matt Giordano

Founder of Chromatic Yoga

Desi Springer & John Friend

Founders of Bowspring

Elli & Goran Hachmann

Fitness and Yoga Coach 

Cameron Shayne

Founder of Budokon

Cristi Christensen

Founder of Soul Fire and Deep Exhale

Desirée Rumbaugh

Founder of Wisdom Warriors

Ami Norton

Senior Inside Flow Teacher

Alexey Gaevskij

Founder of MYMOVES

Hie Kim

Founder of Echo Sequencing

Alexandra Harfield

Famous Yoga Instructor & Dance Choreographer


Founder of Sunshine House Greece

Kat Fowler

Yoga Celebrity and Author on Yoga Journal

Mathieu Boldron

Founder of Yinyasa Yoga

Katchie Ananda

Famous Yoga Instructor with 10k+ Teaching Hours

Finlay Wilson

Creator of Kilted Yoga

Faith Hunter

Creator of Spiritually Fly

Melanye Shayne

Founder of Warrior Woman Tribe

David Lurey & Mirjam Wagner

Creators of Special Yin & Yang Methods

Chris Su

Founder of Yin Mindfulness

Jason Nemer

Co-Founder of AcroYoga