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Founder of Yinyasa Yoga

Home base: Paris, France

Mathieu Boldron is a traveling yogi. He teaches workshops and trainings around the world.

He was born and raised in Paris. He discovered yoga as he was singing & acting in the Broadway Musical, The Lion King. As he performed in different shows in many languages and countries (« Sister Act » in Germany, « La Cage » in Belgium & many more), his practice became a way to root down, express himself, and balance his life. Mathieu teaches yoga worldwide: Paris, London, NYC, LA, Mexico, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Panama, Koh Phangan, Istanbul, Köln, Hamburg, Marbella, Corfu, etc.

He has mentored with many amazing teachers, including Dharma Mittra, Chris Chavez, Meghan Currie, Dice Iida Klein, Briohny Smyth, Jared McCann, Jason Nemer, Clara Roberts Oss & Carolyn Anne Budgell in Vinyasa, Dharma, Hatha Yoga & Acro Yoga.

Not only are Mathieu’s classes fun, profound, and challenging, they also allow students to experience a feeling of unity that brings lightness, awareness and clarity to their life.


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Master Your Backbends

Single Class – 30m

Master Your Crow

Single Class – 29m

Master Your Morning Routine

Single Class – 37m

About Yinyasa

A balanced style of yoga

„Yinyasa“, based on four principles : observe your mind, flow with stillness, liberate your body and tune with your soul.

Each class coutains elements of philosophy, krya or pranayama, chanting, yin and a creative vinyasa. Mathieu looks for students to experiment through practice the selfless devotion that is bringing us back to our inner child. His classes will awake your senses and stimulate your mental sharpness bringing lightness to your daily life.

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My tip for your practice

“My most precious offering to the cosmic force living inside is to be fully present.”

All of Mathieu’s online programs

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Master Sequence

Single Class – 1h 05m

Mathieu Boldron - Master Your Backbends

Master Your Backbends

Single Class – 30m

Mathieu Boldron - Master Your Crow

Master Your Crow

Single Class – 28m

Mathieu Boldron - Master Your Morning Routine

Master Your Morning Routine

Single Class – 36m

Mathieu Boldron - Master Twisting Arm Balances

Master Twisting Arm Balances

Single Class – 32m

Mathieu Boldron - Master Flying Hip Opening

Master Flying Hip Opening

Single Class – 32m

Mathieu Boldron - The Energy of Breath

The Energy of Breath

Single Class – 38m

Mathieu Boldron - Beginner Sweat

Beginner Sweat

Single Class – 50m

Mathieu Boldron - Slow Burn

Slow Burn

Single Class – 1h 03m

Mathieu Boldron - Wild Flow

Wild Flow

Single Class – 1h 06m



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“TINT gives me the opportunity to learn from the best teachers around the world. I can highly recommend it.”


“This is the first time for me to really care about what is yoga. Thank you so much for sharing.”

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