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Our Why

Our deepest passion is to help people grow and make the world a better place. Yoga is an optimal vehicle as it connects movement, health and mindset.

How we do it

… enable ambitious yoga lovers

We are more than just a content provider. We help and support you by giving you the tools you need. We deliver knowledge, inspiration and feedback. We make things possible.

You’re a committed yoga practitioner and want to evolve? You’re constantly seeking knowledge and want to thrive? You want to live your passion for yoga because you are convinced that yoga is a powerful tool to better understand body and mind? You’ve come to the right place. Yes, we are not for beginners. We are for ambitious yoga lovers and yoga teachers who live these values to the fullest.

… personal fulfillment

We are the place to live your passion. If your purpose of life is to bring joy and happiness to others, then yoga is a great vehicle to achieve this. Yoga is a great way to have an impact and receive recognition by helping people. Feel valued, receive appreciation and appreciate yourself. We help you become the person you want to be.

… success

Have you always dreamed of earning a living with yoga? We help you find and execute the right strategy to achieve exactly this. We provide you the tools, knowledge, self-esteem and courage to stand out and live to your full potential.

… no matter where you are

We want to offer you an easily accessible and flexible learning and training experience. Place and time no longer are a restriction. Enjoy exclusive yoga content and connect with like-minded people – irrespective of your current personal living conditions.

… true partner and coach

We want to be more for you than just an online platform. We believe in mutual long-term commitment and a relationship of trust. We are there for each other. We listen. We motivate and inspire. We believe in growth through honest and constructive feedback – on both sides.

… journey

TINT is the place for people who are ready to face the challenges of a real journey towards success and fulfillment. Single events won’t make a change. The road to happiness is not straight. It’s a roller-coaster. We are at your side through all the ups and downs.

… sustainable growth

Sustainable growth means repeatable and healthy development that is responsible to, and for, current and future communities. It’s the key to long-term success, happiness and fulfilment.
We believe in healthy and lasting improvements and want to help you produce long-term effects. This is why our minimum membership is 3 months. Growth won’t happen overnight.

… lasting memories

Through exciting events, we interact with our community, connect people and celebrate their achievements. On TINT, you are not just one among many. We make your milestones count. Our community events create emotions and lasting memories.

… we stand out

We are not a usual yoga platform. We question traditional yoga. We embrace evolution and have the courage to be different. We want to lead by positive example. And we encourage you to do the same.

… There is no try.

It’s not a secret that we only live once. But have you ever really thought about what this means? Everything you do has an impact. And every second of your life, you have the opportunity to have an impact. Do or do not. There is no between. Always do what’s in your power and put all your heart into it. Don’t let limits hold you back. Don’t overthink, take action instead. Don’t let the world hold you back. Trust in yourself and Do. That’s the reason why we don’t offer a free trial anymore. We encourage you to go all in.

A Social Movement

We are more for you than just an online yoga platform. We are there for you. We listen to your needs, fears, and doubts. We motivate and inspire you.

Your commitment towards us: Your whole heart, passion, and sincerity. We want you to make a conscious decision to invest energy, time and – yes – also money in yourself.

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Work to inspire and motivate others to find personal fulfillment with yoga.

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