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48 Video Lessons

Detailed lessons on the key areas of Inside Flow including theory, practice, 4 new flows, music, teaching, sequencing, and how to create Inside Flows. 


Academy Certificate

Guidance with assessment quizzes. Passing the final exam will be rewarded with a certificate of completion and official permission to teach Inside Flow.*


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$499 for Lifetime-Access

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

*Certified Inside Flow Teachers need to be registered on A yearly license fee of 108€ p.a. is required to teach Inside Flow and to take advantage of all the benefits of the community platform on

Learn from the founder of Inside Flow and top senior teachers

This first-ever online teacher training for Inside Flow course is designed to teach all the essential details of the Inside Flow style over the course of 48 videos.

This course is highly recommended for beginning students and teachers and is a must for all professional teachers as it presents the essential teachings of Inside Flow and will make your career future-proof.

Young Ho Kim, Ami Norton, Janine Lustforlife, Alexey Gaevskij

In this online yoga teacher training, you will learn a simple way to approach the Inside Flow technique as well as all that it takes to teach it, build a career and become a certified teacher. Yes, that’s right, you can now become a certified Inside Flow teacher ONLINE!

In Inside Flow, the Asanas are put together to form a flowing choreography. So, single postures become freeze-frames of a flow, slowly transitioning into each other. You never stop in a particular pose.

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Students give Inside Flow online trainings an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Lesson Plan of the Inside Flow Academy Online Teacher Training

This Inside Flow training is divided into 11 different chapters including lectures and practices. Learn and practice 4 brand new Inside Flows, understand how to teach them and get a detailed insight into how the senior teachers have designed their flows.

I – Introduction

3 Videos

01 – What to Expect

02 – Introduction to Inside Flow

03 – The Story of Inside Flow

II – Flow 1 “Higher I Will Go”

4 Videos

04 – Build Up Sequence

05 – Details Breakdown

06 – Storytelling

07 – 3x Flow

III – Music

3 Videos

08 – Why Music in Inside Flow

09 – How to Use Music

10 – What Kind of Music

IV – Flow 2 “Fearless”

5 Videos

11 – Warm-Up for Flow 2

12 – Build Up Sequence

13 – Details Breakdown

14 – Storytelling

15 – 3x Flow

V – Fundamentals

2 Videos

16 – The Principles of Inside Flow

17 – Vinyasa Alignment

VI – Flow 3 “Fighting For”

6 Videos

18 – Warm-Up for Flow 3

19 – Build Up Sequence

20 – Details Breakdown

21 – Full Sequence

22 – Storytelling

23 – 3x Flow

VII – How to Teach

5 Videos

24 – Structure of an Inside Flow Class

25 – Looping

26 – Add-On

27 – Cutting

28 – Teaching is About Shifting Energy

VIII – How to Create a Flow

3 Videos

29 – Breakdown of Flow “Fighting For”

30 – Breakdown of Flow “Higher I Will Go”

31 – Breakdown of Flow “Fearless”

IX – Flow No. 4

5 Videos

32 – Warm-Up for Flow 4

33 – Build Up Sequence

34 – Details Breakdown

35 – Storytelling

36 – 3x Flow

X – Start Your Career

4 Videos

37 – General Rules

38 – Start Your Career

39 – Your Exam

40 – Final Thoughts

XI – Bonus

8 Videos

41 – Full Class “Higher I Will Go”

42 – 3x Flow “Higher I Will Go”

43 – Full Class “Fearless”

44 – 3x Flow “Fearless”

45 – Full Class “Fighting For”

46 – 3x Flow “Fighting For”

47 – Full Class “Man on a Mission”

48 – 3x Flow “Man on a Mission”

Exam & Inside Flow Certification

Inside Flow TINT Yoga Academy Certificate

In order to encourage learning, this academy program is accompanied by exam questions to help you review the newly acquired knowledge of each lesson.

After having completed the video series, you will be able to submit your responses online to receive a teacher certificate from Inside Flow and TINT Academy. In order to pass the exam, you will have to submit a video of yourself teaching one of the Inside Flows from this program.

What you get with this program

48 video lessons organized in 11 chapters
How-to video guide
Work book PDF with detailed guidance
Detailed lessons to become a successful teacher
Support from the TINT team
Exam questions & final test
Certificate to teach Inside Flow


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Certified Inside Flow Teachers need to be registered on A yearly license fee of 108€ p.a. is required to teach Inside Flow and to take advantage of all the benefits of the community platform on

Young Ho Kim – Lead teacher & founder

Young Ho was born in South Korea and moved to Germany as a teenager. From an impressive career in Martial Arts, he fell in love with yoga. Though he learned many styles from various teachers, he struggled to find a sense of belonging. His insight was to blend all of his knowledge and the power of music to create a fusion that created his own style of yoga.

“Music is the language of the heart. It helps us to convey feelings through motion in Inside Flow.”

Young Ho has established the most renowned studio in Europe – Inside Yoga – based in Frankfurt, Germany. His emotionally powerful, yet scientific and non-dogmatic approach to Yoga blends with the simplicity of Zen Buddhism. His inspiring style of teaching attracts yogis and yoginis all across the world. Young Ho truly believes in evolution and is always seeking for improvement and ongoing education.

Read some advice from Young Ho Kim

Yoga is a journey to your inner guru. You should be bold enough to question your traditions. Step on the mat and ask your inner guru what feels better for you. Feel into your body and you will find the key.

I believe that music is the ultimate and direct gateway to our inner soul. The embodiment of the sound is profound and deep. Music is holy and music can make you whole.

Read more about Young Ho Kim here.

Young Ho Kim in a Side Arm Balance

The Senior Teachers

Alexey Gaevskij Inside Flow Yoga Teacher

Alexey Gaevskij

Alexey teaches yoga workshops and teacher trainings in and around Germany and is a successful yoga teacher and personal trainer in Frankfurt. He has experience in Taekwondo, Qi-Gong, and Martial Arts.

Janine Lustforlife Inside Flow Yoga Teacher

Janine Lustforlife

„Lustforlife“ is Janine’s mantra. It manifests her personality and the way she teaches Yoga and Inside Flow. Loving, Uplifting, Straight and Touching, short LUST. She quit her job in the financial industry to become a full-time passionate yoga teacher.

Ami Norton Inside Flow Yoga Teacher

Ami Norton

Since 2006, yoga has been a big part of Ami’s life. After her teacher training at Inside Yoga, she has gone on to become a full-time yoga teacher and Inside Flow Senior Teacher, giving workshops and teacher training across Germany and beyond.

How long do I have access to this course?

You will have access at any time, no matter when you purchase or begin the course, for the life of the course. The course and all included materials are accessible anytime and can be completed on your schedule.

How does it work?

The course content is delivered to you via online streaming videos with downloadable supporting documents. TINT Academy trainings can only be purchased via the website but the videos are also available via our iOS and Android app. All videos and the workbook can be accessed here.

Discount for TINT members?

TINT Academy courses are not included in the membership. If you have an active TINT ALL-ACCESS membership, you are eligible to get a 20% member discount. Please request your discount here.

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Yogis around the globe love AND value Inside Flow


The 3 important elements of Inside Flow

Flow Sequencing Element of Inside Flow

Flow Sequencing

Intelligent sequencing of asanas lets you deepen your breath. Your body embodies the emotional state of the music so you can connect to your feelings.
Breathing Element of Inside Flow


Vinyasa is pranayama advanced. Expansion and contraction of the body support the breathing and teach you to control your breath during a dynamic sequence.

Music Element of Inside Flow


Music is the ultimate and direct gateway to our inner soul. The embodiment of the sound is profound and deep. Music is holy and it can make you whole.

Inside Flow Academy Online Teacher Training

Fundamentals of Inside Flow and a complete guide on how to become a teacher with the evolution of Vinyasa. This course will transform your way of yoga and your way of teaching. Our teachers Young Ho Kim, Janine Lustforlife, Ami Norton and Alexey Gaevskij will help you to achieve it.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Certified Inside Flow Teachers need to be registered on A yearly license fee of 108€ p.a. is required to teach Inside Flow and to take advantage of all the benefits of the community platform on


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