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Dong Gu Yeo

Master Yoga Teacher of Tao Yoga / Himalaya Vinyasa

Home base: Daejeon, South Korea

When Dong-Gu was in his late twenties, he was amazed at the variety of yoga movements that his body can express. And the strength in the soft yoga moves really appealed.

As he traveled around India and around the world, he learned a variety of yoga from famous yoga teachers to establish the principles and theories of yoga and learned about the various ways of approaching yoga.

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About Himalaya Vinyasa

Himalaya Vinyasa is based on the traditional vinyasa which heat up our body during yoga practice in cold area like Himalaya area

Himalaya vinyasa yoga was invented by Yeo dong gu(Tao) and it heats up our body with constant moving and gives you a fresh experience with various styles of vinyasa usage.

Accordong to the Vedic classic, it says vinyasa practice consecrates as a holy being. And Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra says: kshanapratiyogi parinamaparantanirgrahyah kramah

Continuous changes are similar with our yogic journey to yoga destination. It means all the changes of asana when we practice vinyasa yoga on the mat symbolize all the changes in mind or of ourselves in our yogic journey.

Vinyasa comes from the combination of 2 Sanskit words – ‘Vi’ means ‘to put’ and ‘nyasa’ means ‘in special way’. Vinyasa practice symbolize the transition from holding in asana to moving into next asana. Vinyasa flow yoga makes continous movements by combining breathing and ourselves.

Even nature looks like never-changing but stays temporarily in that condition and changes. What about our life? All things we have or around us changes regardless of our hope of things never-changing. All in the universe are not forever-long but temporary. In the point of life, finally we will realize that there are no perpetuity.
Through Himalaya vinyasa class, we will realize changes are the providence of Nature.

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